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Barrels: 1 inch $ 250.00
               1 1/4 inch 350.00
               With Drop-in choke add $ 100.00

Outlaw 9 Gun


Rifle Sights $75.00

Scope mounts $35.00 and up installed

Rework your chamber $75.00


Marlin Guys & Gals - we got something for you

Drop-in Chokes $60.00

Drop-in Chokes with lines $85.00

  Drop in choke with nut 

  Look for the 4 grooves -
  you know we built it! 

Tri-pod for 1 inch barrel $150.00

Tri-pod for 1 1/4 inch $100.00 to $150.00


  BiPod for the
  pump & auto loaders

Our TripodS


Plate and Bi-pod cut out for weight for bolt guns $300.00

Butt plate with Adjustment for elevation $125.00


Rear plate:
drops down to
 let you shoot
 off of a bag


       One inch Bi-pods 


Wagner #9
@ 57 FT
one shot

Wagner #9
@ 57 FT
two shots


Trigger Guards

Trigger Guards
coming soon!

William F. Lambert
2315 Mt. Zion Ch Rd.,
Glennville, GA  30427

(912) 237-4360     

Target Shooters Forum & Chat ID = $umtoy

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