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Post by Linda » Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:30 pm

YOU MUST REGISTER to use this forum..... Because of all the idiots out there who spend their time just looking for a forum to post their drug and porn sites on. Restricting the forum to registered users keeps it free of spam and protects YOU from the spammers! There are still some who will take the time to register and make it look like they are interested in this sport just so they can post something later down the line, if we miss something please tell us!

1)KEEP IT CLEAN - NO Bashing or badmouthing. Everyone wants opinions and yours are welcome, but use common sense! This is a public place and hiding behind a "username" will not keep you out of trouble. All postings are subject to being edited or deleted. Repeated misbehavior may get you banned.

2)POST IN THE RIGHT PLACE - The forum has categories/sections, so that you and others can find things! The subject line should be relevant to your post. Posts may be moved without notice. Multiple posts of the same thing will be deleted.

3)ADVERTISING - You may post information for turkey shoot related events, suppliers, builders, etc.. We reserve the right to remove any post based on information and feedback from the shooting community.

5)FOR SALE, WANTED OR FOR TRADE - Must be posted in The Trading Post.
ONE item per post unless it's a package deal.
PRICE must be included.
Not limited to shooting related items.
Sold or found items - please edit the topic and add SOLD or FOUND.
Items with numerous questions that go unanswered will be deleted
Posts are automatically deleted 30 days after last reply.

6)BUMPING - Bumping is allowed. The most recent postings are always listed first in the forum. If you posted something, ie a question or for sale item, and it doesn't seem to be getting much attention or your not getting an answer you need.... just reply to your original post and put the word Bump in it, you don't have to say anything else in it. This puts your orginal post back up at the top of the listings.

7)PICTURES - Post all the pictures you want! For help with pictures go HERE
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