N.C. AA 9 Championship Rules For 2017

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N.C. AA 9 Championship Rules For 2017

Post by pa pa john » Wed Nov 30, 2016 11:38 pm

Call Davis Jessup At 1-336-351-3154 or 1-336-409-8901

1- 36' Barrels Length
2- 2 Card Limit Per Shooter
3- 50' from trigger line
4- 8 rounds per Qualifier
5- Each win qualifies the shooter 2 cards at Championship Final
A split gives the each shooter 1 card at Championship
Trophy Winner gets 1 card
6- All starting times are at 10:00 AM
7- Rules will be posted and addressed at each match
8- Tie cards will be kept for proof of knock out
9- Knock Out To Win

Entry Fee : $220.00
Each House puts up $200.00 to host shoots
$10.00 per shooter goes into Championship Fund
No Half Programs

Payback is 17.50 per shooter per round for 8 rounds

$10.00Side Pot on rounds 4 and 8

Information has been Posted on Facebook @Jessup's Indoor

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