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OFFICIAL information from those who run the shoots. Member shooting houses and promoters - advertise your events here!

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MEMBER Shooting Houses ONLY may post freely here about their events. Shooters may REPLY with questions or comments only about the posted events. If you are a member house and don't have access to post here (can't see a "new post" button) please let us know.
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Shooting House Bulletin Board RULES

Post by Linda » Sat Oct 28, 2006 11:04 am


YOU MUST HAVE PERMISSION TO POST HERE[/b] (Registered users may 'reply' to posts)

To be granted permission to post in this section of the forum you must be a member promoter / shooting house :
  • ~Have a charitable event listed on the site. (ie. VFW, American Legion, Elks Lodge, etc.)
    ~You pay to list your event details on
    ~Trade links with us (you must have a valid link on your shoot's website to
    ~Be a registered forum member.
    ~Contact us through the forum and tell us the name & location of the event or shooting house shoot you want to post information for.
You will be notified when you have been granted permission to post here.

To become a member shooting house / promoter go to

If you post here - Shooters may try and contact you about your event.
Be sure that you can be reached via PM (private message) or email (make sure your email address is correct). Check your settings under 'Profile'! The reason for this forum is COMMUNICATION, be sure shooters can reach you or there's no sense posting!!
You may post the results and pictures of your events... see 'Adding pictures to posts' under 'Forum Rules'


YOU MUST REGISTER to use this forum..... Because of all the idiots out there who spend their time just looking for a forum to post their drug and porn sites on. Restricting the forum to registered users keeps it free of spam and protects YOU from the spammers! There are still some who will take the time to register and make it look like they are interested in this sport just so they can post something later down the line, if we miss something please tell us!

1) KEEP IT CLEAN - Bashing or badmouthing will not be tolerated.... everyone wants opinions and yours are welcome, but use some common sense when giving them! All postings are subject to being deleted, moved and the user being banned.

2) POST IN THE RIGHT PLACE - The forum has catagories or sections, so people looking for things can find them! Make the subject line relevant to your post. Posting in the correct place will prevent your post from being moved or deleted. Don't 'reply' to an existing post if you're changing the subject, start a new topic. If someone is looking for a place to shoot they aren't going to be looking under the 'Builders Bench'. If you want a question answered about choke sizes then say something about it in the subject line and don't post it in someones for sale ad.... yeah, people do it all the time!

3) ADVERTISING - Soliciting business, posting or chatting about your products, services, website links, shooting house or event information is prohibited UNLESS you are a Member/Supporter. (Members/Supporters are those who pay to advertise on a.k.a. If you were paying to advertise on this site would you feel that it was fair for everyone else to do it for free? It takes money to keep this site on the internet. It also takes a lot of time to keep the site working and up to date. Having Members (paid advertisers) gives YOU more information and US the funds to keep this site working. Anything construde as advertising will be deleted and may get you banned. If you want to advertise please see Get Listed.

4) PHONE NUMBERS & WEB LINKS - You may NOT post direct links or phone numbers of builders, shooting houses, manufacturers, suppliers or other websites for anyone that is not a paid advertiser on, it's not fair to the paid supporters and advertisers on this site. You can always use PM or email. You may post the name of the website, just not a direct link (clickable). If you want to post contact information for someone that IS a paid supporter or advertiser it is to their advantage if you simply state they can find the information on the Equipment & Supplies page... that way a shooter can easily find the information again rather than searching the forum! There are a lot of people who sign up for the forum and don't even know about the rest of the site, you'll be doing everyone a favor.

5) FOR SALE, WANTED OR FOR TRADE - Must be posted in this section of the forum. Shooters and Member Builders may post freely in this section of the forum (Members are those who pay to advertise on a.k.a. You may post things not related to shooting. Postings made by anyone we feel is a builder for profit and not a member will be deleted and they may be banned. Bumping (see below) is allowed to keep your post alive. If you have sold or found your item please edit your post and add SOLD or FOUND. Postings in this section will be deleted after 90 days if not bumped.

6) PICTURES - Post all the pictures you want... especially in the Braggin Rights, or for sale section, everyone loves to 'see' what you've got. For help posting pictures see Adding Pictures To Posts (you can also use this reference for adding an avatar to your profile). I'll glady help post pictures, just ask!

7) BUMPING - Bumping is allowed. The most recent postings are always listed first in the forum. If you posted something, ie a question or for sale item, and it doesn't seem to be getting much attention or your not getting an answer you need.... just make another post under your original and simply put the word Bump in it, you don't have to say anything else in it. This puts your orginal post back up at the top of the listings and keeps it active.
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