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We've hung on to targets from many places we've shot at.... there is quite a variety.
 If you have one to spare we'd love to add it to this page!

You can get targets printed at most any local print shop, but make sure you get SEVERAL quotes, prices vary greatly. Take an original target, or print one of the ones below, to SEVERAL shops within driving distance and get a quote (targets weigh too much to consider shipping at today's prices). You should be able to get them printed starting at about 6 cents a piece, don't get gipped!


Crosshair Target

Stock Guns

Family Life Tabernacle Men's Minnistries, Greenville, NC


Small dot

1/4" inch dot on 6 x 7 1/4 card. Used in 2-2-10 matches.


Big Dot

6/8" dot on 6 1/2 x 8 1/2" card. When the 9 shells were good 2 shots were taken at the big dot. Used in warm-ups, cool-down & buddy rounds.

From Crawford County Coonhunters, Ohio - no longer open



1 & 13/16" star on 6 x 7 1/4" card. Typically used for one round at the end of a regular match. 3 shots per card, Outlaw 9 / 2-2-10.

From R & D Target House, OH (no longer open)



Origin Unknown


Stock gun target

Unknown origin.


Chigger target

Used for Outlaw 9 shoots.

From VL Turkey Shoot, Ohio. (no longer open)


Stock gun target

From Richland County Coon Hunters Club, Ohio


2-2-10 target

From Beaver Creek Sportsmans Club, Cuckoo, VA

(no longer open)


Stock gun target

Unknown origin


Stock gun target

OLD target with sponsors printed on the card.

From Waldo Sportsman Club in Waldo, Ohio


Stock gun target

4 & 1/2" X 4" card.

From Boiling Springs Sportsmans Club. No longer open.


Stock gun target

4 & 3/16 x 5 & 7/16" card.

Shooting house unknown, printed in Missouri.



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