Linda & Denny Tubbs
This website was created out of love for this sport.  Like most avid Turkey, Card and Target Shooters, we were always looking for more places to shoot.  Since you're here we can assume that you've done the same thing we did... surfed the net!   When we realized there was nothing in cyberspace about this sport, we decided it would be fun to start a site, list all the places we knew of and ask the shooters who found us for help in adding to the list. This site has turned into much more than just a list of shooting houses!  The response has been tremendous! 
Not only are shooters looking for places to shoot but they are looking for information, help, supplies, guns, builders, targets, the list goes on.  Hopefully we can find and include all the elements of Turkey Shooting here on this website.

We live in Marion, Ohio but travel to shoots all over.  Denny has always lived here, I'm originally from California.  We met in 1997 (over the internet!) and I soon became an Ohio resident.   Many people have a passion for guns and cars, few get to live that passion.  Denny started his own business back in the 70's, custom building people's dreams. Street Rods, Dragsters, Race Cars, Classics..... ecstasy on wheels! 
Shooting was just a hobby for many years, and Denny has a lot to show for it.  Like everyone else, he was always looking for that edge and started building his own barrels and chokes. One thing led to another, lathes and CNC's took the place of metal breaks and hoists. R & D turned to target guns, chokes, barrels and better guns. is no longer a small website with a list just of places to shoot.  When WE started out asking shooters for information on places to shoot so that we could add to the list, the tables were turned on us!  People began asking us for information on everything and anything related to turkey shoots.  So we have put a lot of time and effort into this site, trying to include answers to all the requests we've received.  We definitely do not consider ourselves experts, but we do have a lot of experience in most aspects of this sport.  This website is personally owned by maintained by us, we take criticism well, if you have an opinion or suggestion we'd love to hear it! Our contact info is here.
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